Tuesday, October 11, 2005

It was all a hoax...now, back to the news?

So it was all a hoax.. There was no plot to bomb the NYC subway, no terrorist plan, nothing, just another "informant" giving us garbage, watching officials react and the press trip over itself to cover nothing, whle he laughs at our own ineptitude.

Perhaps now the media will return from covering the non-existent and start covering and investigating what's real...


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Burton C. Turner said...

Yes, that story was incredible, and even more incredible was the way the media treated it. Virtually none of us heard about it until you wrote about it on the Jag's website. I also hate consiracy theories. But we all know now there is a conpiracy between some groups, who currently lack the power to do it, to destroy our present modern lifestyle. I like your blog, sounds like fun, I'll be back.