Monday, October 10, 2005

Is the media finally interested?

Ten days ago, Joel Henry Hinrichs killed himself as he detonated a bomb some 100 yards west of Oklahoma Memorial Stadium, a venue packed with 84,000 football fans watching the Sooners take on Kansas State. After almost no national media coverage of the event, two other incidents, one today, involving explosive devices at UCLA and Georgia Tech may be prompting renewed media interest in the Oklahoma University bombing.

Considering that Hinrichs is known to have attempted the purchase of ammonium nitrate fertilizer the same week he concocted his homemade bomb, it strikes me that the national media's interest is long overdue.

This doesn't say that the media must find some smoking gun. It does say they have an absolute duty to investigate, and that's a duty they've sorely failed. Fortunately, the situation may finally be getting attention at CBS.


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Anonymous said...

Unfortunately the media is far more interested in reporting things/people being blown up then reporting prevention. The frightening reality is that it is only a question of when America experiences something on the scale of the London subway bombs.