Friday, October 07, 2005

The Inaugural Post


After having given it much contemplation (about five minutes), and taking into consideration the cost (none, so far), I opted to join this strange world of online narrative and create a blog. This raises the obvious question, "Who the heck are you?"

I go by the handle of SoonerDave, and I frankly don't yet know the ultimate direction this little blog will take. It may be a place for me just to vent, to post my unpublished writings, or to just blather. Who knows. I'm a software developer by trade, a Christian by faith, a husband by vow, and a parent by...well, you fill in that. :) I'm an American conservative, unapologetically so, a college football fan, a would-be writer, and woodworker. So posts to this blog could take any one of those or myriad other directions.

If somehow you've found your way here, welcome. Once we've started the ball rolling with some more specific topics or selected blatherings, your responses will be welcome and encouraged.

Thanks for stopping by.