Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Found in Carthage: A lonely SD card, full of photos

Last Friday, en route home from a vacation in Branson, my family stopped at the delightful Precious Moments chapel in Carthage, Missouri. As we were walking in, my son Matthew pointed out a misplaced SD card sitting on the sidewalk leading up to the building.

An SD card, for the unaware, is a simple memory card used by most contemporary digital cameras. We can only assume its owner dropped it, or perhaps it slipped out of a camera, or...who knows.

My son plopped the card in his camera, which was unable to read its contents. Neither was my little video camera. Not until we were home were we able to put it into a laptop and read it - and find literally dozens of pictures of someone's vacation; a trip through Disney, possibly Disneyland in Anaheim; a visit to a nature camp, and a new puppy. But not one of those pictures gave us any practical clue about the rightful owner of the card. We tried looking for geotag information in the photo's EXIF data, to no avail. I was able to determine the type of camera used to take the pictures, but that's all. I can only imagine how heartsick I would be were I to lose the photos of my own vacation.

So, out of ideas, I'm posting here in the unlikely event someone who has lost some vacation photos might, in a one in a million longshot, happen across this blog and let me know. I'd be happy to get them back to you! I'm using the camera type as my lynchpin to identify the proper owner.

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Who is looking at port 8311??

Just this afternoon, I was observing my firewall logs and noticed something strange and a little troubling.

From a period starting at approximately 3AM CST Wednesday morning (February 3, 2010) until around 10:40 AM, my firewall logged *dozens* of hits attempted against Port 8311 from various IP addresses, but so far as I could tell *all* of those hosts originated from Russia!??

Anyone else see this in in their logs?? Who in the world is so interested in Port 8311, and who, particularly, from Russia?


Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Hey, T-Mobile/Google...about that Android 2.0...

First, apologies to those who might have browsed the blog over the last few weeks and found it unchanged in that time. We'll do better!

On to today's topic...or is that rant?

Let's keep it simple. Its time for Google and T-Mobile to get their "coordination" act together and let the myTouch 3G world know when, or if, Android 2.0 will be released for their phones. Rumors, counter-rumors, and just plain gossip are circulating, and the misinformation helps no one.

Given the problems T-Mobile has had in the last year, it would seem to me a little transparency wouldn't do them any harm. Do you plan to release it? When? What are the delays? Why hasn't more information been forthcoming? Is it Google's "fault?" Please don't barrage us with more corporate PR doublespeak. Give us real information. You, too, Google.

There. Rant mode off.