Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Hey, T-Mobile/Google...about that Android 2.0...

First, apologies to those who might have browsed the blog over the last few weeks and found it unchanged in that time. We'll do better!

On to today's topic...or is that rant?

Let's keep it simple. Its time for Google and T-Mobile to get their "coordination" act together and let the myTouch 3G world know when, or if, Android 2.0 will be released for their phones. Rumors, counter-rumors, and just plain gossip are circulating, and the misinformation helps no one.

Given the problems T-Mobile has had in the last year, it would seem to me a little transparency wouldn't do them any harm. Do you plan to release it? When? What are the delays? Why hasn't more information been forthcoming? Is it Google's "fault?" Please don't barrage us with more corporate PR doublespeak. Give us real information. You, too, Google.

There. Rant mode off.

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Miss. Cellaneous said...

"Rant Mode"? You're truly a comedy genius!