Monday, September 14, 2009

Clearing up a loose end.

When I started this blog, I gave it a theme of being about pop-culture, faith, and whatever floats to the top of my head. And for the most part, I've held true to that theme - with one exception. I've not said thing one about faith.

Tonight, that's going to change.

I don't know how many people actually see this blog - my AdSense numbers tell me its a very, ahem, select group, but for even that currently narrow number of folks that might peruse these pages, I need to ensure they know *the* most important thing there is to know about me.

In June of 1989, I gave my life to Jesus Christ, accepting Him as my personal Savior in the quiet corner of a waiting room at Ray's Barber's Shop in southwest Oklahoma City. That barbershop, and the man who ran it, are gone, but the impact of that quiet moment in my life is one I'll never forget.

Speaking of things "religious" makes people feel all "oogy" and uncomfortable. I've realized that I can't let those kinds of things get in the way of my most important purpose.

What does all this "Jesus as Savior" business mean?

It means that I believe Jesus Christ is the incarnate and only Son of God, who came in earthly form as a human man, born of the virgin Mary, led a sinless life, and was crucified for the sin of all mankind - yet overcame death and the grave to ascend back to His father in Heaven.

I believe Christ is the only means for a fallen mankind to be reconciled to a holy, sovereign, and perfect God; that Christ is that "missing piece" so many seem to seek, yet never find. Good works, being a "good person" are not sufficient to atone for the deficiency of sin that lives within all mankind.

I make no pretense of knowing every possible nuance of the Bible, nor do I make any pretense of being some holier-than-thou person who is trying to "impose" his will on anyone. I speak only of what has happened to me, and how Christ has blessed my life beyond my ability to imagine. He truly conveys that "peace that passeth all understandng." He won't promise you a trouble-free life, but He will promise you a constant source of caring and love as you encounter those troubles.

It is my urgent hope that anyone reading this blog entry would come to know and accept Christ as their Savior as well.

Blessings for your week!


Sarah J M said...

Oh my goodness. Followed the link from your way over-the-top response to a comment of mine on about the special effects of Star Trek. I did not expect a jesus blog.

Anyway, forget about further discussion. I can see by the jesus post here that you are not one to talk using facts or even reality as your guide. You'd rather just believe in things 'because'.

David W said...

Hi, SarahJM

Realize you'll likely never see this, but given you're dismissing me on the basis of "facts and reality," I'd be curious to know what they are for you. Christ is reality, and my experience is a fact.

What are they to you?

Sarah J M said...

Christ is fiction, at least the
supernatural part of the story is.

David W said...

Must admit I didn't expect you return, Sarah. But I'm glad you did.

I wish it were possible in the small confines of a comment here for me to convey to you the very real nature, both physical and supernatural, of Jesus Christ. He explained that He and His Father are one. What I think you would refer to as the "supernatural" of Christ existed and exists eternally before and after He appeared on the earth.

Could I ask why you think the supernatural aspect of Christ is fiction?

Hope you return soon.

David W said...

BTW, Sarah, sorry for the "tension" regarding the original TrekMovie post. I think perhaps I misinterpreted the tenor of your post, and that hit a frustration point with me. Realize it was weeks ago, now, but would like to still offer that olive branch as you contemplate the other question....again, hope you return.